Cloud Connect

Simtronics Cloud Connect delivers a direct connection between any business and the cloud service providers they need.

Cloud Connect offers your customer private, on-demand connections to data from all major cloud service providers, including AWS, Azure, IBM Cloud, Salesforce, Oracle Cloud, Google Cloud, Alibaba Cloud, Equinix etc.

Cloud connect makes global interconnection possible, with direct access to the services you need anytime, anywhere. The opportunities are endless with the geographic scalability of our Cloud network.

Key Features

  • Ability to deliver high performing global data connections, at speeds that are unmatched by other internet connections, is an asset to the connective capability of any business.

  • Privacy and low latency of an uncontended network connection.

  • An easily scalable and offer a futureproof solution that grows alongside a business.

High performance connections

Strategic direct data routes

Low Latency

Combine all our services to offer a seamless customer experience

We offer a whole host of connectivity products managed through a single portal that allows you serve your customers the complete connectivity package. Using a single point of contact just makes life simpler.

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