Dark Fibre

Have complete control over your own network with Dark Fibre

Simtronics Dark Fibre delivers ultimate connectivity and gives you the power to create your own network.

Complete Control

Our Dark Fibre is privately operated and managed by your customers, giving them the scalability and flexibility needed to future-proof their organisation.


Simtronics Dark Fibre network is seamlessly tailored to meet the needs and preferences of your customers who are given control over all aspects of their network.

What is Dark Fibre?

Dark Fibre accesses unlit fibre optic cable to give your organisation complete control over it’s network.


It allows you to control costs, scalability and offer reliability not normally available from other services.

Grows with your needs

As your customer’s organisation grows and demands more data and greater service spends, our Dark Fibre network can evolve and scale with ease.

The ever-increasing need for connectivity demands networks that can move large amounts of high-speed data without compromising network latency.

Premium Network Performance

Dark Fibre ensures premium network performance, with incredible data speeds, as data moves directly from point A to B uncontended.


This point-to-point connectivity of the network means common outages experienced in carrier networks are avoidable, so your customers experience ultimate uptime.


Key Features & Benefits

  • Unmatched speeds – Perfect for organisations who require speed without compromise.

  • Point to point connectivity – Offering a secure way to deliver high speed data applications.

  • High reliability and performance –  Dark Fibre is best suited to large organisations with rapid growth.

  • Scalability and flexibility – Rapidly upscale as your business requirements grow.

  • Dedicated bandwidth – You will never lose bandwidth with Dark Fibre.

  • Security and Privacy – You have complete control over your network.

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